Style Insight- Carmen @She Recycles Fashion

Style legit....

So Carmen is my inspiration for today’s feature. She’s only 20. I can’t even remember what i was doing when i was 20. Lord. Now i feel old.

Anyways, as i was tumbling as i usually do on the daily i came across this pic

She is stunning. I mean cam’an. Don’t hate. Appreciate 😉 Anyways Long of the short 40 downloads later am being modest. Also i couldn’t access her old site so here we are. I adore this asymmetrical skirt vibe she has going on. Gah!

And these pants. sigh! take my money already

 I mean am out of words. I’ll let the pictures do the talking

Seems a little short & sweet but it feels just about right. Check out her page for more recent looks. It took a lot of effort not to post those here so you have to.

Lovely weekend manenos. xX

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