Designer Highlight- Lister Agumba @FOA SwimWear

Ola 😉

Today we do a little something different..

A while back I was looking for Kenyan brands doing swimwear, seeing that December & all that lovely warm weather is right around the corner, I wanted something that reflected the changing seasons

Here’s the 1st FOA collection from Lister Agumba aptly titled The “feel like a queen’ Collection

 An Eclectic custom made designs inspired by the ocean and appreciation of the African Story, designed by a Kenyan woman for the Kenyan Woman.

You might have to wait a little longer (el nino et al) to show off in these pieces


here’s a something you & the little one can look forward to rocking to beat that January heat.

Fantastic showing for the newbie kid on the block, yes?

Don’t forget to Feed  the Artist


Next week, part two of our little giveaway featuring some gems from House of Theluji


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