Style Insight- Maureen Bandari @The Funshion Mistress

Ola good people 😉

Joy & all that. This week we take it to my hometown & sample some of its style & culture.

Meet @mohbandz of The Funshion Mistress

Found her a few years back, she did something with Achie Otigo way back in 2011

(don’t ask),

 Here’s what shes been up to in the recent past, repping our good city 😉

(check out her feature on Life in Mombasa, yes?)

For that Work Flow

Cocktails or a Night Out

I’m here for the Easy Does It looks

Can we just make shorts a thing.

Check into work, no biggie 😉

(Love the socks + boots combo)

Also, This dress

Such fun, yes?


Remember we featured Gabrielle ( Tribe of Chic) , she did something similar albeit along the denim alley 🙂

 Find her on Instagram & Facebook


Check out her feature on UP Magazine (UP Nairobi) , Fashion Bomb Daily & Black Girls Killing It




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