Style Insight- Naballah @Naballah Chi

Ola 🙂

Today we go to Trinie (always wanted to say that) ha!

Meet Naballah

How fresh is her take on the tux *sigh* my heart is so glad.

I was looking to expand the general demographic right around the time Mariah Idrissi was the face of the now viral H & M Campaign *talk about perfect timing*  great minds aye 🙂 make a point to read her Her Hijab Story, yes?

She does make it  point to break out of the proverbial box & me thinks it is her forte

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Her style is legit on so many levels (lace, bodice, draping, gathers, pearls, print *hello cheetah*)

but, I’ll let the pictures do the talking 🙂

*Who knew there were so many ways to wear the buibui*


I’m all for representation, I recognize the impact it makes & I’d like that to reflect in my little corner on the interwebs.

That is the very essence of Style Insight, personal style from Legit Fashion Bloggers. That said, I know the 11th was No Hijab Day (#mydressmychoice comes to mind), so whichever way you stand, Style is an expression of who you are & what you believe in.


 Connect with her on

Youtube, IG, Facebook, Lookbook


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