Designer Highlight- Juliana Nasasira @Kwesh

I might be a little late to this party but better late aye :/

I first saw her jacket on Diana Opoti on day 16 of her 100 Days of African Fashion ( but how cool is Diana for this series. too cool.)

Here’s the runway version of the same from her & this blue number again from her SS15 Unafraid in a span of a week & decided i should do some digging.

 Turns out, Kwesh is pretty legit

This is from her FW 13 Graphic Heritage Collection . she was about half a year a head of the lace, jumpsuit & cutout trends



her SS13 Controlled Chaos Lookbook was more office wear, which i cool

Remember Carmen’s signature skirt 🙂 some continents & years apart, but lookie here

Her color selection for her SS14 Mod Baroque is an interesting plate which i love (just in case you were wondering),

Love the cut too 🙂

see Adelman’s interpretation on the same.

Enough talk, you can buy shop Kwesh here  & from Kungara too

again Carmen was such a style gem, look at her style vs Juliana’s SS15 lookbook

PS. Apologies for the mishap yesterday, technical oversight.





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