Style Insight- Mariano de Vaio @MDV Style

Let me just throw this out there, Mariano is eye-candy.


Don’t let the good looks fool you, he’s also quite styl.ish

So i know of him but you know, been postponing this feature because well he is  steller in the blogger circles (dude, he even turned his Facebook into a Fan Page, (blogger big leagues i tell you), but by God the universe has worked tirelessly to have him on my dash for the last month or so, figured i should check him out.

His looks are more editorial, suit no tie, semi- casual type.


silver lining, they are easy to replicate (Yes, even on a budget)

He also has a Kids Corner, which is really cool

they grow up stylish in Italy, no?

He lived up to the hype 4.1Million followers can’t be wrong, or can they 🙂

I’m glad




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