Style Insight- Gabrielle Mwangi @Tribe of Chic

Ola 🙂

Sometimes you find blogger whose style so is effortlessly chic you can’t help but wonder what the fuss about fashion is all about.

Meet Gabrielle Editor @Tribe Of Chic

TribeofChic’s mission is to enable online shopping experiences for shoppers who live in Africa (TIA). They analyze runway trends, take inspiration from the streets, keep tabs on what’s trending & is curated with links offering African shoppers easy access to featured products.

An editor’s sense of style is nothing short of iconic, seeing that you’re always in the know. And crafting your own look all sorts of art.

For Gabrielle, Print is her thing

I love how she works print on print.

Me thinks this is on of her biggest strengths.

And if print on print is not your thing

(it’s a ballsy look, yes?)

A little mix & match never hurt nobody 😉

But if print is really not your thing…

a little color perhaps?

This post wouldn’t be complete without a little all black everything, now would it?

 If you’re still wondering where you’ve seen her, try the Kenyan bloggers challenge 🙂

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I appreciate the love



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