Style Insight- Nadia @ Nadia Aboulhosn

Ola 🙂

Truth, this post was a 50-50 until i saw Nadia speak about how she built her Brand.

There’s no shame in faking it until you make it. But then again dreams don’t work unless you do, so here’s to celebrating the journey & the destination.

But I’ll let Nadia teach us a few things

You know all those times you don’t feel like going ham on the accessories, The beauty of the pastels & white combo.

But Black is my one true Love.

Coz you know I might Wear Black for a year straight.


Fashion rules are what you make ’em.

Don’t be afraid to switch it up. Experiment. Create a signature look.

Have fun with it.

Absolutely loving this trend Metallic Trend Anita tried it out with the shoes a while back. Still, Can it blow up already.

Find her on IG, Twitter & Facebook


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I’m looking forward to some sun & sand over this weekend, you?



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