Designer Highlight- Cyrus Kabiru @ C. Kabiru Art Work

Ever heard of C- Stunners?

No? *cough* Well,

Allow me 😉

C is for Cyrus Kabiru. 

Hi Google Alphabet 🙂

Deer in the headlights. lol. No?

A self-taught emerging Kenyan artist, Cyrus is best known for his elaborate and detailed sculptural spectacles made from found objects and recycled material sourced on the streets of Nairobi. He is eloquent and forthright in explaining his practice and resolve to follow his own path.

‘When I make these glasses I am Cyrus, the artist, but when I wear them I am a different person’

Cyrus Kabiru, 2015

..His artworks, and particularly his ‘afrodazzled’ glasses, named ‘C-Stunners’, are regarded as groundbreaking, Afrofuturism

a term that draws influence from science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction as a way to interrogate both Africa’s history and its future, and traditionally has distinct performative and transformative aspects.

[excerpt from SMAC for his C-stunners & Black mamba Installation earlier this year]

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