Designer Highlight- Liz Ndegwa @The Edge Hunter

Ola  🙂

So excited about today’s feature because Designer Highlight happens to be the most popular item on the blog, which is pretty cool.This means that Kenyan Fashion & Design scene has a place on the map.

We are not only consumers, we are creating & influencing trends,

My little heart is happy.

Meet the amazing Liz Ndegwa, designer and the creative director at Mimiry Design & clothes enthusiast, stylist, image consultant,all the way in Helsinki, Finland.

I know her site is under construction but here is a sample of some of her signature designs which are sensual Minimalist. Think single malt on the rocks, solid yet bursting flavor.

I love details.

I love these details.

Love being the operative word because, she shows some skin on that peek-a-boo mode.

I’m all for subtle sensuality.

This right here is my perfect outfit.

It’s at the top of my Christmas Wishlist.

Is it too early to be thinking about the holidays?

I love it when great bloggers can transition into the designers, it gives me hope that i can do the same someday.


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