STYLEGIT Giveaway- DisCoucher O’clock

As promised, our GIVEAWAY SEASON is finally here. A little thank you for always reading & sharing posts from this little blog of mine 🙂 running from 18th Aug. 2015 (Today) till 13th Dec. 2015

Part 1-  DisCoucher

 Because nothing says ‘i love you’ like a good meal & then some, we have the gracious Sharon Njoroge to thank for this indulgence.

DisCoucher is Kenya’s 1st voucher booklet offering discounted rates to Kenyan Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Salons and Spas throughout the year.

How it Works

The booklet offers exclusive “Buy One, Get One Free” discounts to Nairobi’s most popular spots…something TechMoran knows a little about.

Starting this week until the 8th of Dec. 2015, lucky participants will walk away with a booklet each to sample the select offers in various hotels & restaurants listed.

How to Win

Simply tell us, an item on your bucket list  & tags us on our pages.

 find us

Stylegit on Twitter, Facebook, IG

DisCoucher on Twitter, Facebook, IG

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Tags: #stylegitgiveaway #DisCoucher #mybucketlist

Too Easy

T & Cs

  1. Use the tags
  2. Kindly note that the vendors currently listed on the 2015 Discoucher Booklet are all within Nairobi :/ but not to worry, participants outside Nairobi get dibs on the remaining freebies.


Winners will be announces every Tuesday until the close of season.

First winner will be announced on the 1st of September.

This is your chance.That kaplace you’ve always wanted to go to. That  spa treatment you’ve been saving up for. That food blog you follow that whets your appetite but the economy man. Explore Nairobi & What it has to offer.

Good luck & Godspeed.





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