Kenyan Bloggers we Love

One year later, they are each setting the pace in the Kenyan creative space #growth

Style legit....

I’ve got an eye for fashion and i tend to know who’s gonna be the next big deal.

Here’s a few of the boys and girls i keep up with when it comes to all things fashion and style from the Ke..

Sharon @This is Ess

She’s sorta the go to kid on the Ke fashion scene.

Her style is a combination of chic and classic. Lotsa dresses. which is cool considering how evasive i am some people are of dresses.

Nancie @The Fashion Notebook

I’ve read her blog since idk since i realized that i like fashion and Ke fashion bloggers exist.

totally love her style.

She still does outfit posts but lately her focus has shifted to make-up which is cool coz the beauty industry is growing. foresight people. How many bloggers do you know who do such detailed make-up posts.

Sylvia @Style by Sylvia

She’s in her…

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