Reppin the 254

#EarlyThrowback Now that y’all are just finding out about Yamoto

Style legit....

Today we switch things up a bit. been listening to some amazing feel good music since Friday. needless to say the weekend was quite something

Stocked that Xtatic dropped her mix tape last weekend. Finally sampling it today. love. love. love. Means War happens to be my fave. Followed closely by Composure. What can i say, i  love a good bass #tooloegit.

The whole mix tape has something for every for everyone. Highly anticipated & very much Worth the Wait.

Xtatic #LetMeXplain

Femme1 on Nguruma is a pleasant surprise. She’s one to look out for.

While we’re on this musical high, #LetMeXplain see what i did there 😉 I’m Totally crushing on Victoria Kimani 

Her new music  #Show and  #TwoofDem have been on repeat because Show’s video 🙂

Nairobi can’t quite capture the coastal vibe when it comes to the music scene.

Had almost forgotten how good coasto music is…

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