Style Insight- Corianna and Brianna @Coco & Breezy

It just so happens Coco & Breezy that are twins just like Nyane & Mpho.

They are by default Designers

…Their bold style and original taste in fashion was initially misunderstood in the community,

leading them to develop unique signature studded Eyewear

as both shields from onlookers and statement pieces,

and the pair have been projecting cool and confidence ever since….

( Think Cosmo, Nylon, Glamour, The Monocole Order, New York Magazine et al.

Name dropping, i know, but these girls are certified Legit.)

Theirs is a blend of androgynous & eclectic fashion, creating a futuristic minimalism.

I call it Eclecto- Futurist.

& for my undying love for black, they keep winning 🙂

Now i need a wide brimmed hat & one of their sunnies #mydreamsarevalid

Do check out their IG, Twitter & Facebook  for updates on their collections & style

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 Thanks for stopping by, Reading & Sharing,

My little heart is so happy 🙂

In the spirit sharing good cheer

A few Giveaways are in the works for August.



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