Sunday Dinner: Chicken Tenders x French Fries.

gah! Now i’m hungry :p


I usually love a hearty Sunday dinner. This past Sunday I opted to make something easy, needs very little prep but simply delicious. I decided to make chicken strips (tenders/ fingers) & French fries.

A lot of you have asked me to share a chicken tenders recipe so I went ahead to make this meal while jotting down the recipe.

Chicken Tenders Recipe

You’ll need: 1 chicken breast, All purpose flour, Salt, B. Pepper, Cayenne Pepper & 1 egg (beaten).

Start off by slicing your chicken breast into strips. Then proceed to add 1 cup of all purpose flour onto a plate or bowl.

Season the flour with salt, black pepper & cayenne pepper. ( Cayenne pepper is optional if you don’t like your food spicy. You can a little bit for the kick.)

Coat your chicken strips with the seasoned flour then proceed to beat one egg with salt…

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