Designer Highlight- Wale Oyejide & Sam Hubler @Ikiré Jones

‘On rare occasions, we can be described as humble.
More often, we can be described as two artists with a zeal for creating beautiful things that sit to the left of what has been resignedly accepted as the status quo.
We strive to give each piece an identity and history of its own.’

Ikeré Jones

Now, I used to follow Wale kitambo ( a while back, think 2011/12) then life happened. Fast forward to 2015 & I find that he has grow in his art, teaming up with Sam to craft a select blend  style in tune with history & the vibrant print custom of West Africa.

Their style feels like draping a cashmere throw on a cold night, while a storm rages outside, and pouring an excellent single malt set, a set of Deep House/ something classical plays in the background,

whilst you plot your next move to disrupt the status quo.

‘This is a public disavowing of all who think the cradle of civilization has nothing more to offer than unmolested raw materials and an army of open palms awaiting aid.

FW14 Saints & Savages

The scarves happen to be my favorite part of this collection. & all his other collections. A good scarf is like a good pair of shoes. No two persons wear it the same way.

FW13 Escape to New Lagos

This collection literally allows you to do just that, Escape

Become Any Man in Every Man .

‘By combining soft-Italian tailoring with prints reminiscent of West Africa, the Balotelli bolsters the notion that beautiful things are born when we allow our cultures to boldly intertwine.’

SS14 Balotelli’s Burden

 Offers a vibrant & refined take on the current Ankara/Kitenge appreciation

East meets West.

SS14 The Untold Renaissance

..the story of a lone Masai stepping into a screaming death’s flight-plan would travel like an air borne outbreak.

An epidemic pouring through Africa’s porous borders; indiscriminately infecting all it touched with the hope of freedom.  Soon, silhouettes of dark skinned sons in brightly hued robes could be seen rising with weapons and shields aloft in the Nairobi sun.

The end was near, but it would not be ours.”

Nairobi 2081A.D.

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on their SS16 Collection

I know i will 😉

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