Style Insight- Nyane & Mpho Lebajoa @Nyane-Mpho

Let’s just clear this up, Nyane & Mpho are twins.

Also i love the silver fox hair thing they’ve got going on.

Moving on swiftly 🙂

Their style packs a punch. A fusion of the 90’s with modern trends, Futuristic – retro if i may. It’s like having a cold coke on a sunny day with the occasionally well timed breeze every so often. It’s hot, yes, but you’re chilling under a makuti shade, catching waves.

Nyane does more structural, push the envelope pieces, think Rihanna/Nikki. while Mpho is more laid back, more boho-urbano pieces. think TLC and Aaliyah.

TBH i think I’ve done more Mpho pics bc of the bold lip, jewellery, Why lie, i can’t tell them apart check out Nyane’s IG for a feel of her style

ION. Is it me or is 20 the breakout year these days cc Carmen


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