Designer Highlight- Mandi Sarro @Miss Mandi Throwdown

I know President Obama coming to Kenya for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit  is the hottest news item Will the miracle grass grow already  thus this week we take a detour off the sketch books & associated arts/ Design ( read Architecture & Fashion) to indulge in a little chow time.

So Miss Mandi featured on my Timeline a while back, guys were raving about her Buffalo/ Chicken Wings a while back, Probably late last year.  Then i forgot about that story. Anyway, this morning while i was busy minding  my own and musing over whether to post my slotted Designer Highlight feature Fear not, its time is coming i found her Blog. I’m still reading up but so far, so good.

The reason i slotted her Throwdown was because she believes plating is an art. I like good food. I like it even better if the presentation is legit. Who doesn’t like a good meal that look like you paid a million bucks for.

And you don’t need to buy fancy shmancy kitchen thingies that you wont use after a few experiments because you excitement falters or you simply got bored you can improvise darling. Necessity is the mother of needs. The 1st pic takes me back to this post, Tastey Treats ,close enough:)

Also most of her recipes are quick no prepping meals for a whole day for people to devour in 15 minutes. Hello Biryani. I still love you though.

I might try this pairing Mahamri* Mbaazi* Srimp over the weekend.I hope i do.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Friday Majaliwa (loosey translates to God willing). xx


2 thoughts on “Designer Highlight- Mandi Sarro @Miss Mandi Throwdown

  1. Oh my word! This is pure torture as I wait for my morning cup of coffee to brew. The plating makes me want to jump into my phone and devour her food!!!



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