Style Insight- Shiro @MissEdgy

This one’s gonna be short & sweet.

I’m featuring Shiro because of  her makeup posts, me thinks are a diamond in the rough.

Suzie BeautyCiku Beauty and any good photographer out there (especially the newbies one looking to grow his/her skills) this is a good place to start. cc Biko Know anyone?

Her outfit posts are cute but safe. I’m on the fence with safe.

Her make up skills on the other hand are legit.

And she needs a better camera

cc. Sony Mobile Ke, Team Lumia @Mwirigi  and a mentor, preferably one she can understudy

I hope to find more emerging make up bloggers especially from Kenya.

On that note, Eid Mubarak to all of the faith. I hope Ramadhan has been kind and refreshing to you & yours.

‘I feel like there is hope that things might get better. I have so much to seek forgiveness for. I have so much to forgive myself for.’

 Via Binti M




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