Designer Highlight- Muthoni @Muthoni Njoba

Fluidity: the quality or state of being fluid.

The physical property of a substance that enables it to flow

That’s what makeup should be.

That’s what Muthoni does with makeup.

Different strokes, same folks, No?

I love the extreme right looks.  Dark lip. Red lip. Winged eye liner. Any day.

They say Practice makes Perfect.

They forgot to add that sometimes makes it to the cover of magazines. And Runways.

And also makes for good selfies

Her IG  page is gold fam.

 You now understand why Maybelline  chose her to be  their Lead Brand Ambassador & Official Make-up Artist in Kenya.

I realize that art  is dynamic.

Makeup (MUA) is the new kid on the block, and what better way to embrace is if not to recognize its reach and ability to create & enhance what is already is.

In line with the makeup theme this week, I’m working on something from a newbie blogger who dabbles in these arts.

Till Friday


PS. Thanks for making time to read & share. Working on a little Giveaway soon.


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