Designer Highlight- June Mwangi @June by Design

It’s always such a pleasure to feature someone i know.

Sooo i schooled with June waaay back. Allow me to indulge in a little throwback… this one time she was making these outfits guys rock at fashion shows during funkies Whaaat? cough am an old soul.  So as she was assembling the outfit, she stapled her thumb/ finger memory fails me. but that’s besides the point. she soldiered on and completed the outfit. That right there is the reason i was not surprised that she’s now making her own outfits. it seemed natural. heck I’m wondering what took her so long.

She started showing her work a few months ago via her FaceBook page and i got nothing but love for her.

And her famous Red Cape Dress that got you feeling like Miss Pope

Ask the bloggers cc Maurine @ The Funshion Mistress

There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity & accomplishment

Norman Vincent Peale

Here’s to  having & buying more June by June next June. pun 🙂

You can reach her on 0713139838 for orders.

Till Friday xX


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