Designer Highlight- Doreen Noni @Eskado Bird

 Doreen’s Eskado Bird is self described as  an evolving Tanzanian fashion and lifestyle brand inspired by the 21st Century Afropolitan movement. The labels modern collections have a fresh and sensual feel, creating alluring silhouettes that compliment our woman by making her look confident and feel effortlessly styled. I couldn’t agree more.

I first saw the Love Bird S/S14 on Sylvia and i wished i could have it. sigh! Wishes & Horses vs Wants & Dreams.

…Kaleidoscopic Love Bird, the original name of this Spring Summer 2014 Swahili Fashion Week Collection was inspired by the astonishing, luminous and symmetrical shapes of its print….

..with a description that lives up to its name, can you blame a girl?

I reckon this was part of the Lady Bird Collection  cc Color me White but i could be wrong given that i saw it late last year. I’m loving the bird themed angle in her collections. My money goes to the Love Bird Collection but i can’t wait to view her next collection.

I know I’ve been missing my time slots these past few weeks. I’ve been buried in work & the guilt is killing me softly. Is this what mommy guilt feels like? Bruh! Not cool. But I’m working on it. Thanks for always stopping by.

ION. Contrast had really good numbers. didn’t know y’all were artsy like that. and to think i was so unsure about it. ha! In your face doubt 🙂

Kesho, fingers crossed 😉



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