Designer Highlight- Bubu Ogisi @IAMISIGO

This where it all began.

IAMISIGO prides itself in creating a striking awareness of how African culture can be fused with an audacious yet minimal design aesthetic.

c/o Her interview with  Genevieve Nigeria via Olatunde Alara Where she talks about her Blood & Bones Collection amongst other things.

For the life of me i cannot find the name of this collection. Lakini (but) not to worry, she has tonnes more.

I’ll list a few choice picks via her Facebook & you can fall in love with the rest at your leisure

This is her current ‘White Noise’ the resort 2015 collection. I love the feel of it.

Can you believe le poseur was done for the A/W 2011 Campaign


Her is A/W 13/14 lookbook easily another fave of mine. love & love.

…Fashion is an experience and shouldn’t be limiting; fashion doesn’t care about your country or your race. If you strongly believe in anything and stand confidently by it then others will follow suit. I don’t consider being an African designer limiting, it’s actually uplifting to be an underdog, producing concepts that will surprise the international fashion industry, which will inevitably make them reconsider their expectations….

It is quite something to find a designer with such an exemplary display of diversity. Hats off to you Ms. Bubu. Well done.


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