Desighner Highlight- Sabyasachi Mukherjee @Sabyasachi

This looks so boss. If that makes any sense. The photo that started all this

I must admit, when i saw this Saybasachi collection i didn’t know what a huge brand this was so getting this post up took a little longer than usual because i was trying to dig up more info, more pics.more everything really. Sadly for all my efforts I’m back to the Facebook photos & few other Tumblr finds that i had to begin with but they are so worth it. They are somewhere on my feed. Patience, my reblogging skills are somewhat legendary

..Over the years, he has successfully built a clothing brand which has a very strong social perspective. Quick to understand the demands of the Indian market, Saybasachi has created a brand that has represented a comfort zone to global Indians and remained undestroyed through major socio-economical-political changes… I endorse this message 🙂

Their 2015 Campaign

And some more of that goodness

Good thing they ship & have store worldwide,Saybasachi, says so on their site.

Check out this designer replica sale Gujarati Dresses ‘I’m hoping this is world wide.

Working on tomorrows post, midnight oil & what not.

Kesho :-*


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