Style Insight- Marche Robinson @Robinsonstyle

I am a photo collector. If that’s a thing. Lets just make that my thing. Anyways, as i was organizing my photos i found (It maybe date a year or two ago) of  the lovely Robinson Marche (before Dungarees & Cut-outs were all the rage)

She does this really cool feature called Fashion Law. Granted her take is on what happens in the international scene, I would like to see something similar in the Kenyan & African context. Reason being we need structure in the Fashion & Style business. I think it is a key element for growth, competition & of course profits for all stakeholders involved, be they designers, models, seamstresses et al.

Back to Marche, Her style is a subtle combination of edgy yet casual Everyday glam that anyone can replicate to their preference.  I see so much of of our very own in Anita (Whom I’ll feature soon enough) her. or is it the other way round. I’ll be here all day for the cut-out details & her accessories. I love how she shows some skin. Those subtle glimpses. That’s style man.

Check out her page, lemmi know what you think.

And Lovely weekend manenos

Ciao xX



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