Style Insight- Nelly @Nairobi Fashion Geek

Here’s the thing, for a majority of the blogs I feature on this feature, I’ve probably been ghost reading for a little over a year. I literally live on the internet. Albeit on ghost mode. And Nelly has been on my blogger radar for a while. Her style has always been impeccable. Her hair game is always on point. But her shoe game is the cherry on top. #iCovet.

Her growth as a blogger has been phenomenal, she’s been consistent & so has her picture quality. Picture quality is everything. Here’s the thing, I’d been contemplating when to feature the Nelly in this series for a pretty minute so when she submitted her pics & was featured as the Fashion Bombshell of the Day  i kinda wished I’d done it sooner. She beat me to it so, great minds, yes? I had to dig up the archives for more pics, coz using the ones she submitted seems kinda lazy for diversity purposes since Style Insight is all about celebrating diversity.

Guys, am i the only one loving the fringe skirt trend,

ref. a throwback Editorial Monday About That Fringe


Ada @No Ordinary She who wears it so effortlessly

how has this not caught on yet??

Baby bump or nah, she slays every time.

Thanks for the shout outs on the interwebs. love & love

Ciao xX



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