Designer Highlight- Natacha Baco @By Natacha Baco

Sooo there’s this time i went to France…while doing my rounds on the interwebs see what i did there checking out what’s hot on the International scene, i found the lovely Fatou N’diaye the blogger in the pics above. Then i totally forgot about her i really need to write things down. Fast forward a couple of months later, i find this pic. And thanks to the genius that is Tumblr i find the designer Natacha Baco 

You can imagine my joy when i found these divine pieces from their many lovely collections.

The self described By Natacha Baco is a designer brand that invites you into a sweet and fragrant universe, by telling you a story inspired by the way … mixing fashion, decor and accessories with the permanent attention to detail. It takes you on a delightfully feminine and intimate universe where the collections exude an infinitely sensual and chic charm with cuts cared for effortless elegance, creations with what to creativity and soul, work on color and constant attention to detail. Which I am sold out on. Whats not to love about a Made to Measure piece from a designer collection.

The Muse Collection which happens to be my fave BTW has that retro uptown funk vibe going on.

The Makeba Collection A bit of a throwback with this one but also another fave. It has that demure yet chic edginess to it.

They also have out these really cool lamp shades. so chic

Check out the page for more info on their other Products & Collaborations such as The 1-Girl Style Featuring the likes of Melocy, Fatou just to name a few

As always, Check out their page, let me know what you think.

Working on something for Friday, bring it back to the Ke.


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