Style Insight- Mohcine Harris @Mohcine Aoki

While digging up info on Phillipe, i stumbled upon Mohcine & i’ve been following him since. It must be my love for black. i don’t kid. Anyone who can pull off black without looking like they are headed for a funeral is  a welcome addition to Style Legit.

His attention to detail is quite frankly amazing. I mean, what more do you want from a guy.

I mean cama’n, his style is too legit 😉 I try to capture not just a blogger’s style currently, i go through practically all their posts ok as many as i can to get a feel of who they are & what their style is all about. His is all about Urban Xpression with a most delightful attention to detail.

Also since i’m planning to go to Morocco next year cue in power of positive thinking i figure i should acquaint myself with the fashion trends early enough. what is it they say about preparation,

“Good luck is a residue of preparation.”
Jack Youngblood

 ION, i need this jacket in my life.

As always, Till next week.

Happy Madaraka day to my Kenyan readers public holidays are the best, no?

Ciao xX


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