Designer Highlight- Tanya Mushayi @Tanya Nefertari

I know I haven’t done Designer Highlight in a minute 🙂 this one should more than compensate for the silence. yes?

We go to Zimbabwe to experience its wealth in prints. The thing about the Zimbabwean prints is they are this awesome mix of the bold West African variety & Geometry. How cool is that.

With Tanya, I was torn on whether to feature her on Style Insight or her work in this forum. Me thinks this is a win win. She features in most if her works so, no brainier.

I’ll start with my fave collection so far Diamond Tribe Collection

The Starburst Collection is her latest showing. I haven’t found much of this collection so am assuming this is a teaser. I sooo wanna see the full collection.

I’m totally crushing on her White Blossom Collection.

Last but certainly not least, The Clash Collection.

Here’s a sneak peak into her other styling projects.

As Always check out her pages for more details





Can’t wait for the weekend. New post up this Friday 😉 Tunaenda Morocco.

Ciao xX



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