Style Insight- Tanaka @SwankxTAR

The wonderful thing about the internet is that you  can almost always find what you are looking for without even trying. I had slotted this post for last week but my excitment for print mixing was overcome by Tiffany’s style then lo and behold  never thought i’d use this phrase outside a classroom but hey look at me now 🙂 I look up my Fashion Bomb Daily  feed and  find Tanaka  featured as the Bomb Blogger of the day 🙂 pure joy i tell you. Her style is easy on the eyes. Simple. Clean cuts. solid colors. mostly monochrome. and cute accessories. The absolute minimalist demure chic blogger i’ve featured yet.

I know her blog is only slighty over a year but this Jamaican bella is one to look out for in the fashion scene. Plus her shoe game is too legit. Need i say more.

Ciao bellas :-*


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