Designer Highlight- Needle +Thraed

Imagine my joy as am going through  Urban Bush Babes & i find a really cool feature showcasing the legendary Maasai beadwork. Here’s what i like about todays feature, it seeks to empower the atrisan, no more starving artist coz that shit aint never been cool. + It celebrates culture by incorporating it into the current lifestyle trends. Legit stuff.

The needle+thræd lifestyle brand was created by new york fashion editor, Celia Smith. inspired to affect change through fashion, Smith started needle+thræd, to support indigenous crafts and provide a platform for artisans to share their story.

needle+thræd partners with the Bebe Ravi women’s cooperative that employs 50-100 women based in Nakuru, Kenya – an area with unemployment rates as high as 40%. many of the women have been widowed by the AIDS epidemic, thus becoming the sole source of income for their families. by giving them access to revenue, not only are the lives of their children significantly improved, but the entire community is propelled forward. each woman is paid above average wage and provided with free meals.




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