Style Insight- Ada @No Ordinary She

While most of these past few months have been hot in Kenya, it don’t mean that winter is not coming. OK. that was a tad dramatic.

*Eagerly awaiting season 5 of Game of Thrones, i blameย HBO*

Anyway, I’m in love with her style. I stumbled upon her onย POSE and well, lets just say i may or may not have gone though all her posts ๐Ÿ™‚

Ada lives up to her bog title, she’s definitely No Ordinary She

I love how girls can get away with wearing boys clothes, boyfriend jeans, blazers you name it ๐Ÿ™‚

we can rock it and make it look elegant. outfits serve bring out the multidimensional aspect of being a girl.or woman. whichever floats your boat.

What i love most is that despite keeping her colors largely solid, whites, blacks, blues, pinks, catch my drift? she incorporates statement pieces (prints) that seal the deal.

The details in this look.

The lace & that splash of gold, the shoes #ilivefordetails

Have you noticed that wearing different shades of the same color makes any outfit look fashion magazine fresh

#fringeandtussels not my cup of tee but she makes it look way too so easy

The flounce hem is back. some KE bloggers have been rocking it. this trend might take a while to catch on but it would be a welcome hiatus from the peplum.

i don’t mind it at all.

the bow-tie give life to the blouse while the red lip completes the look.

i loooove how she accessorized this piece. it has that holiday feel to it

What About that fringe that she wears it so well.

Just because the weather is unpredictable doesn’t mean you can’t have your style game on fleek.

i mean look at how easily these looks transition.

Also notice how big a statement a good blazer/ trench makes.

a little mix & match never hurt nobody;)

i could go on about how versatile her style is but i reckon you should enjoy going through her site too, promise you’ll love it too.

ION Happy Holidays. Easter already. we are well into the year.

Thanks for reading & sharing.

Muchas gracias :-*



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