Style Insight- Agatha Ashi

Today we feature one of my fave bloggers Ashi  whom i discovered courtesy of  Lydie who not only blogs about her style but also features other bloggers. kinda like what i do, minus the personal blogging

notice the color-play to the  different settings.



a girl’s gotta know how to show some. playful and elegant. plus the knee- length sandals are making a comeback.


i especially love how her sunnies complement her outfits to the tee. the sunnies go with the lippies. the lippies go with the top half. which goes with the bottom half. and viola! complete piece. does that make sense? nvm


goes to show how accessories make or break an outfit. most of her accessories are of the the golden variety which i looove 🙂 what i love most is that she has managed to make the casual & official looks work. like really work for her. what more can a girl want. don’t answer that.

Ciao darlings. Happy Weekend Manenos 😉


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