Style Insight- Louis Philippe Degagouge

ooh man! today i’ll take you on a bit of a throwback. Also lotsa pictures in this post. i blame the visual appeal and my love for the eccentric.

so i noted  Louis style ages ago and i forgot about him. completely. more like i lost the link and i gave up looking. imagine my excitement when i found his page as i was busy minding my own on the inter-webs. lady luck smiles 🙂 unfortunately, he has not updated his page in a while since the beginning of the year :/ whatisss? But. his IG is very much alive. Also his sense of style is endlessly intriguing. so much so that i would have blogged about it using his older materials bila shame. bila haya (without shame) IG or nah 😉

i love how this is such a throwback. reminds me of shaggs (upcountry)

25072014-DSC_2436   25072014-DSC_2311-2

i mean down right to the socks.

10899540_1533014653613076_491226445_nall hail the skate board king. no? ok. moving right along



i especially love how he can juxtapose just about any background and seamlessly infuse his style right into the mix. POTD or OOTD pictures with pretty backgrounds is one thing but making just about any environment look photoshoot fresh with or without the help of editing takes it to a whole new level of genius. Also i love his choice of head g/wear. his accessories are too fresh.


10986162_353766498166487_673537968_n10808917_1512826748980050_1178049477_nMASK FIN 168 copie

lastly who said a man can’t be dapper rocking color?10945322_1407588972875101_2059097888_np.s for all my international readers, double speak is a type of slang in the Ke (Kenya)

Bila= Without; Haya= shame; whatiss= What is i.e. What’s not happening

Till next week


_MG_4621i couldn’t help it 🙂 B&W is always a favorite here at Style Legit.


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