Style Legit- Natalie Live`

i am one for comfort over errthang  OK, so maybe not over eeeevrything, but you get the idea. Natalie Live of is my kinda girl. she wears what i consider comfort couture. This is the part where i mention that i would readily do a collection with her #agirlcandream

Anywho. I looove her style because she can combine comfort & style with such ease + of course she rocks those roomy pieces without getting lost in them. something i need to work on, Lord knows how i live for those clothes.

These first three look have that understated luxe feel to them that makes you stand out #oldmoneywealth It’s that artsy urbano vibe.



tiny closet

and then some for when you jus wanna chill

tiny closet 2


i hate. wait, maybe hate is a strong word. lemmi rephrase i am not very fond of salons so this right here is bliss. Kenya needs to industrialize faster. that’s all i’m saying.

the tiny closet 3

maybe beats your face while at it. i especially love how the sleeves fit but the rest of the tee is all roomiethe tiny closet 5

so maybe you want something with a little more va va voom…

this dress is just right on so many levels, cut-out back, the side boob & a subtle slit to top it all. creme de la creme.


this black one just kills it. instead of going the sleeveless or dera/ kimono dress way, why not mash up the two for that out of the box vibe.

the tiny closet 4

did somebody say windows 😉 she can just ship me this skirt and we can just call me a groupie


Of course, Mombasa being my hometown, i can’t not throw in something beach worthy for that pool side glam. even the turban feels right. sun, sand and all that fun. now i miss home :/


p.s thanks for all the positive feedback on Editorial Monday 🙂 also, after reviewing my selection of photos for this post, its safe to say i tend to stray towards black & white themed ensembles. trying to break this habit this year, add a little more color into my wardrobe. wish me luck.

Till next Friday,

Ciao :-*



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