Style Insight- Jenny Plog @Plog Style

The lovely Jenny Plog of Plog Style starts us off this year’s Style Insight Feature


I picked a few different looks from her that I find incredibly easy to replicate in the day to day.

I am all for comfort and that’s something that a good pair of jeans can deliver with ease on any given day.

The jumpsuit and the side boob is with us, why not try out one or maybe both if you up to it.

 Three  basic colors.

Nude | Black | White

That’s all you need

This third look has that Olivia pope vibe. Classic blazer and a neutral lip.

Try to imagine this outfit without the belt. Kinda bland.

Throw in the belt and viola.

Accentuates the waist & it adds a la chic (I just made that up) feel to the look. Cute & flirty. Skater & tulle skirts are the best though.

Just because they call it, the Little Black Dress doesn’t mean you can’t play around with it. I think. At least I hope.

Switch things up.

The last look happens to be my fave. Feels like she’s going to watch the races.

The 70’s never looked so good.

Her style’s legit because she keeps it simple. Minimal accessories. Neutral tones- this I say referring to her make up. Also her color combinations are not overwhelming. Usually a two-tone contrast. Pretty basic.

Something I am inclined to do with my eyes closed.

Thanks for reading & sharing

Till next Friday,

Ciao.. xX



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