Luxed Out

sooooo 🙂 what can i say, 2014 ended on a high note, i do hope the holidays were kind to you & yours. i had a good end of the year post all prepped and ready buuut technical difficulties prevailed. this country needs to have 3G EVERYWHERE.

new year, fresh take on all this fashion & blogging business(fingers crossed). but without further adieu, 1st post this year revolves around white. i think its the perfect color for that luxe,- moneyed look.

i mean look at these looks.

plus, you don’t stress over accessories & that’s a win win in my books

Little White Feathered Dress

it kinda reminds me of this little gem I’ve had sitting in my files

can’t quite remember the source but you get the idea.

Don’t you just love the contrast white ensembles create. Case in point these two lovelies..

love how vibrant the beads look. the colors just pop!

How luxe does pairing white with browns look.

she looks fetching. she’s gonna be a Style Insight feature as soon as i remember her blog/ name

Update:She’s Micah Gianelli & I did feature her in Feb. Have a read, will you?

what is it about little white dresses that makes them so pretty for lack of a better word

ah! yes. i think i got this off an editorial but look at how divine the structure of this piece is and tell me if she could have pulled this of in another color.

when it comes to subtle seduction, i think she nails it

Its safe to say that white will be big this year. Happy new year darlings
ciao :-*


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