it’s my birthDAY

*cue in it’s my birthday by & Cody Wise*

technically it’s my birth month. i can literally get away with anything, no?

Anyway i don’t need a reason to buy me something lavish that i can hardly pair with anything else in my closet but can be an outfit center piece.

But technically i do it coz i can aaaand it’s my birthday

*i’ll probably be singing along to this song till i get bored*

 I’m out to get something fun in the say an elaborate sun hat like so…

  I like this one best

i hope i find one soooon. this search has taken forever :/

moving along. on my outlandish wishlist this month *drum roll*

I’m not the most hand-baggy person but this bag. Lord. Please. it has to be this bag.

& this one.

oh fashion gods that be:) pretty please*bats eye lashes*

and one of those transparent box clutch bags that cost an arm and two legs.

don’t roll your eyes at me, Ke catches up at its own pace.

 & these sunnies bc variety.. ya dig 😉

i wont even go into the lippies.

Ok maybe a little..

I need that blue lippie like yesterday

I like the dark bold ones but i don’t mind trying out something subtle / colorful, like so

A sewing machine & a wicked pair of scissors.

Too many sketches, not enough dresses

A reliable, efficient, cheap AF and fast(i see you) internet connection.

PS. I realize that a few years from now i might look at these posts and hate my guts for what am writing or what i want et al but that’s that.

I’m grateful for my family & my friends (these guys are the best).


me I’m on that sunshine & rainbows vibe.

Happy awesome new year to me:)



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