Subtle Sentuality

so i haven’t posted in what seems like ages, been busy, tha’s all.
while i was away i did amass an impressive collection of charming photos, it’s all about subtle sensuality

:-* enjoy darlings

1st up this blatant display of yumminess, built but not excessively, ni*** is just right.

Aah! the lady in black.

playful innocence and the most perfect mix of everyday fashion,

what with the accessories and drawers (the nude pumps are TDF)


it’s all about the contrast- a fair lady against a dazzling white background and a seemingly desolate room.sema a toned body.

i wanna be a dancer just for the bod.

this guy, pharaoh. please note the serious tat on his neck and

the ‘i’m the kinda guy you should know’ look.

Hello Egypt šŸ˜‰

..excuse me miss..

”she was dazzing- alight: it was aony to comprehend her beauty in a glance…”
Fitzgeald Scott @The Beautiful & Damned
fits the description, don’t you think?

Nothing’s more delightful than watching a guy dress up

esp when your lazing somewhere in the background šŸ˜‰




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