Kenyan Bloggers We Love

I’ve got an eye for fashion and i tend to know who’s gonna be the next big deal.

Here’s a few of the boys and girls i keep up with when it comes to all things fashion and style from the Ke..

Sharon @This is Ess

She’s sorta the go to kid on the Ke fashion scene.

Her style is a combination of chic and classic. Lotsa dresses. which is cool considering how evasive i am some people are of dresses.

Nancie @The Fashion Notebook

I’ve read her blog since idk since i realized that i like fashion and Ke fashion bloggers exist.

totally love her style.

She still does outfit posts but lately her focus has shifted to make-up which is cool coz the beauty industry is growing. foresight people. How many bloggers do you know who do such detailed make-up posts.

Sylvia @Style by Sylvia

She’s in her own league. Love people.Nuthin but love. I especially love that she does outfit post for her daughter.

She studied fashion styling at University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martin, UK and Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, Italy. A certified stylist, what more could you possibly ask for?

Joy @Our Style Kenya

The queen of double neck pieces. She has a way of making clothes just work. Trust her to always give her outfits that wow factor. i dare say she has the most versatile outfit collection.

She combines the classics with whats trending effortlessly. I can’t rem the last time i saw someone work fringe like this.

Frankie @Kenyan Stylista

i gotta confess, he’s like the go to guy blogger i know, the rest are not Ke based but I’ll look into that.

Suggestions are welcome.

Anita @Style Sketches

kinda new to her work but she’s definitely got it.

Pretty dope that she makes some if not most of her outfits, i mean what’s not to love.

Ms Kibati

relatively the newest kid on the Ke fashion scene but she’s getting it right.

Love that her style is versatile and i can relate to it.

She keeps it simple and fun without losing her edge.

Anita @From Curves With Love

She’s another recent find. Her lipstick collection like her style is enviable.

Her outfits are the perfect balance of the classics and simplicity. From Curves With Love. She’s one to look out for.


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