The fly….

This is a gem. Laughter is bliss!!

Just me

I’m pretty sure the title of this post has got you wondering……This one here, is for the family. My family. Actually, my mom and dad.

 I’ve often wondered where and why I do some of the insane things I do. I now have it on good authority that all my insanity comes straight from my folks. Don’t flinch, it’s true.

So this Saturday I had about two billion errands and stress beyond beyond! But I had an ultimatum from my mother to go home or else! Now you see I live about 20minutes from her and I’m kinda running out of excuses why I haven’t been home for about two weeks. Let’s not even go into the drama of why I haven’t taken the grandchild home in a long while! So anyway, I walk in and as usual make a beeline for the fridge coz lets face it mama’s fridge is…

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