all new everything!!

march is definitely a month of notable new things and people.

for starters Kenya had its 1st elections under the newly passed constitution. granted during the polls some guys queued for seemingly endless hours in the hotness that was the sun, to elect candidates for newly create d posts that they had little idea about, twaz all good. the sadist media houses that had prepped to cover ana’a PEV similar to the 2007/08 walikula huu na hasara juu -loosely translated to they ate a humble pie (in your face *******!!).

in religious matters, it’s lent time for Catholics. temptations do cometh in abundance *Lord help us all.*
also the world has a new pope………. somebody somewhere in a media house in Kenya decided the new pope is called “habemus papam,” Latin for “We have a pope……oh! the fun #KOT have had with this ‘breaking news’ error. ha!

…..can’t wait to see what other surprises are in store this march…

images (1)

cheerz to trying out new things!



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