..I long to smoke a cigarette with only the air in my lungs to fuel its fire…. Such a tender thought for a cold & rainy day

Just Sham It

It all started with a drink.
I couldn’t control myself after that.
I point a gun to my head before breakfast. It wakes me up.
After breakfast, I have a shot. It takes the edge off, not the head.

The moon melted and the hills disappeared for a while as I lived in my mind for phantasmagorical moments.
When I awoke, the hills were back and burnt and the sun was smiling its way to a nova.
My mouth was dry. Cuts on my arms and legs; bloody hieroglyphics telling stories of lost nights.
Head spinning in the sun, like an ugly planet.

I decided then that it was time to go for a walk.
A very long walk that would either burn the memories in my muscles to molecules or lead me to the safe sanity of supernatural salvation.
As I walked around the world, all I saw were…

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