My Perfect Temptation

I remember,

how we danced with our eyes,

and touched intimately with our thoughts

across the crowded dance floor,

moving in rhythm with the crowd.

I liked how your eyes undressed me,

and how your lips enticed me to taste them for you..

I remember,

getting lost in the moment,

swaying to the song that infected my senses,

i confess,you were my temptation,

the way you held my body ,

like i belonged to you,

right there,you raised the stakes.

The bumping & grinding,

subtle yet provoking caresses,perfect for each new beat,

sweet nothings whispered in the night,

lost to the treble &the bass of the music.

The desire in your eyes

and the passion in your steps..

Sensual lingering touches exchanged..

and when the indecent proposals of our mind games simmered,



I melted into the crowd,

No name,

No number,

Just one stolen kiss,

to seal the memory of you.

I remember,

in that stolen kiss i found my perfect temptation.


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